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TV Wall Mounting

Which Mount Type Is Right For You?


The starting point is the very simple but highly effective flat TV wall bracket; these are the least visible, fit the TV very closely to the wall and are often completely hidden from view once installed.


A lot of people however choose a tilting type of TV wall bracket that as the name implies allows you to tilt the screen up and down about its central axis thus enabling the viewer to get the optimum angle to the screen. Tilting TV brackets tend to mount the TV about 80mm off the wall and typically give +/- 15 degrees of movement.


The most flexible and  best type of TV bracket is the full-motion version and most of these also give an extendable arm mechanism or cantilever arm that allows the TV to be brought out into the room. These TV brackets are often of heavy duty construction for use with bigger screens and require fitting to a study brick or block wall. Once installed you have ultimate control, you can tilt it, swivel it, pull it out and push it back in all with a slick well engineered movement.

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Why Mount Your TV?

Wall mounts can extend, tilt and swivel, making it easy to find the best TV viewing angle with optimum picture and sound quality wherever are you seated. Full-motion and tilting wall mounts provide the flexibility to reduce light reflections.


A TV which is mounted on the wall accentuates the sleek, slim look of your flat panel TV. It's modern appearance will fit into any room decor.Create valuable free space on top of your furniture or remove your furniture altogether for a clean look and a maximum of space.


When TV is mounted to the wall it cannot cause accidents by falling over. Mounting a TV also prevents accidental bumping or smudging (children loves to touch big screens with their sticky hands)