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There is a growing industry trend towards replacing analog CCTV with IP security. The shift from analog to digital technology represents a new way of thinking when a security system is to be installed, upgraded or expanded.

At present over 96% of CCTV systems run on the old analogue system. Up to very recently it was not possible to achieve HD CCTV without installing IP cameras and new wiring. Now however, recent advances in technology mean HD cameras can be used with traditional coaxial cable. New HD-SDI turbo technology opens up a new world in CCTV, so you can keep your existing wiring, install new HD cameras and DVR and achieve a much superior megapixel image than traditional analogue cameras can provide.
With this technology customers with pre-existing wiring can upgrade their system to above HD quality(typically up to 3MP) at a lower cost than a new installation.
IP cameras are the very latest in CCTV camera technology. They can provide images above an astounding 5 megapixels. IP cameras are generally a little more expensive than HD-SDI cameras but are capable of greater image quality and have a much larger range of functions.

IP technology uses all modern IT standards and provides an unbelievable array of functions for the end user. Most importantly excellent image quality.

Do you have existing analogue cameras and want to add some HD IP or Turbo cameras to your system?

NO problem. There is now available a hybrid DVR(digital video recorder) which allows you to keep your old analogue cameras and add megapixel HD cameras, so you can keep existing cameras, add HD cameras to an area of particular importance, add extra functions to your system like email alerts and smart phone viewing.
Hybrid technology is an option for those who are happy with there current system but may want to add some better quality cameras improve overall performance.

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We offer you peace of mind when working in and around your property, as you are partnering with a family-friendly, local provider, and we carry all necessary safety accreditations and insurances.

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