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Home security is always important, the safer you can make your property this days, the better!

If you haven't already got one installed, SAT-Planet have a range of home security systems that will help you.....

If you wish to Replace Your Old Recording, Switching and Tape Equipment with a 16 ch. Digital Video Recorder or upgrade  your existing intdoor or outdoor old low res. cameras with Hi-Res Colour Dome Types.....

SAT-Planet install Cow Calving Kits  with fixed, night vision cameras  with 10 X zoom PTZ Cameras. We are install Calving Kits with 3G access, using a wireless 3G Router or you can use your existing broadband.....

If you are looking for extra indoor or outdoor Cameras, SAT-Planet is a best solution for you. We can install extra cameras to your home with instant access to CCTV services.

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View your cattle anywhere in the world on your PC, laptop or Smartphone.

All of our systems come with smartphone Apps.Most of CCTV Systems i.e. a DVR or an NVR can be networked and linked to your.....​ 

If you moving CCTV Systems , our engineers will take it down and relocate to the new place for a fair price. Also SAT-Planet repairs Old CCTV equipment and replaced for the new one. Read More.....​

Effective and regular maintenance of a CCTV surveillance system is essential to ensure that the system remains reliable at all times.

SAT-Planet offer Regular maintenance yuors exsisting CCTV Systems..... 

Save money and get your CCTV problems fixed at a reasonable cost. 

Our experienced engineer will attend to your installation within 24 hours , just call us at : 071-719162757

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Do you need CCTV Systems  installations, maybe  you need to repair your existing one ?

Sat-Planet can provide this  services for you at the best  price !

Our business to provide CCTV Services in the  Co Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon and Donegal. As we are over 9  years in business, we have knowledge of our customer needs and have a lot of experience installing and servicing Satellite systems. We pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction, whilst providing top class sales and service to our customer base.

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