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What is Saorview?

Saorview is the new free digital terrestrial Tv service in Ireland that has replaced the old analogue service that was switched off on Oct 24th 2012. Currently there is 9 tv channels aswel as radio stations. Saorview is received through an aerial. Saorview can be combined with a satellite system to provide a much bigger selection of channels.

My tv was purchased recently and is Saorview approved, what system should I go for?

​In this situation you would be best to go for an official Freesat box for your UK channels and use Saorview tv for the Irish channels.

How Long does installation take?

Installations usually take from 1 to 2 hours to complete, Multi room installations will take slightly longer.

Will my bunny / rabbit / ears work with SAORVIEW?

You may be able to get SAORVIEW with a small indoor aerial but this is not guaranteed to work. Ideally you need a rooftop UHF aerial to get SAORVIEW.

Do I need a digital aerial?

There is no such thing as a digital aerial. You need a standard UHF aerial to get SAORVIEW. Most people already have this type of aerial. If you get TV3 with your aerial, that aerial is likely fine to get SAORVIEW.

Can I get SAORVIEW with my satellite dish?

No, SAORVIEW is not a satellite service. You need a standard UHF aerial to get SAORVIEW. You can access RTÉ services on satellite with SAORSAT.

Where will the aerial placed on my house?

The aerial points towards nearest/strongest SAORVIEW transmitter, so it will usually go onto wall which is facing transmitter. In strong signal areas aerial can be also installed into loft/attic space. Please use SAORVIEW COVERAGE CHECKER​ tool for more details about your nearest SAORVIEW Transmitter.

Do I need a a phoneline?

No, you do not require a phone line for standard or multi room installations.

Can the wind blow the aerial/dish off?

No. In most cases a properly mounted dish and aerial should not be dis-orientated by the wind. In the rare event of this happening, we will re-align your dish for FREE within guarantee period(60 days).

Do I need TV license?

Yes. A television license is still required as you will be using a television set.

My tv is not Saorview compatible or approved, what system should I go for?

In that case  you may prefer to go with a combo system giving you UK free-to-air channels and Irish channels on the one box via the one remote control. Alternatively you could use an official freesat box and separate saorview box.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. All our installations are covered by full 12 months warranty for equipment.

Are these systems legal?

Yes. IT is 100% legal

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