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If you're build new house and you think you need new TV Aerial , or you never have one in your house and  wish to receive SAORVIEW or Free to AIR channels contact​ a SAT-Planet installers for a complete service. Read more...​​

SAORVIEW is Ireland’s first free digital television service. It brings you all your favourite Irish channels, crystal-clear pictures, better quality sound, on-screen programme menus and digital teletext - all for free. Read more...​

If you are find No signal or Freezing Pictures on your  TV service, our installers can perform a TV Aerial or Satellite Dish repair at your property. and get your TV channels working again! Read more...​

If have your new digital Flat Television we can help installed it. SAT-Planet Engineers will fully install any Flat digital television, using suitable wall mountings and cable routing to your entertainments systems. Read more...

If you are looking solution for TV over Internet, we will be able to find rigth solution and rigth gear for you.We Provide a wide range of Affordable Android Boxes and Streaming Systems for great Prices and Superb Quality. Read more...

If you are looking for one extra television point, Sat-planet is a best solution for you. Using digital signal amplifiers, we can configure your home to provide instant access to digital TV services from any room.

Read more...​

If you movingTV aerial or satellite dish, our engineers will take it down and relocate to the new place for a fair price. Also SAT-Planet repairs Old rusty    satellite dish and replaced for the new one. We can relocated Magic Eye from sky box to another room. Read more...​​

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Do you need Satellite dish or  TV aerial  installations, maybe  you need to repair your existing one ?

Sat-Planet can provide this  services for you at the best  price !

Our business to provide TV Services in the  Co Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon and Donegal. As we are over 9  years in business, we have knowledge of our customer needs and have a lot of experience installing and servicing Satellite systems. We pride ourselves in customer service and satisfaction, whilst providing top class sales and service to our customer base.

​If you are an owner of small busineses, such as : Barber shops, Hairdressers Salons.....

For the past 9 years we have worked in many pubs&restaurants across Sligo area.....

It is very popular to have TV facilities in the workplace..... 

If you’re landlord, estate committee member or estate agent member and .....

SAT-Planet is growing and we want you to grow with us.....​ 

▪ Satellite dish repairs and relocations

▪ Extra TV points, WiFi Extra Points.....

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